8×16 LED matrix controlled by 2 MAX7219’s

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Expanding on my experiment with the MAX7219 controlling an 8×8 LED Matrix I added a second one. Both of the 8×8 displays and controllers were part of kits that couldn’t fit neatly side by side, but the concept can still be demonstrated.

Using the circuit layout of the MAX7219 8X8 Red Dot LED Matrix Kit proved cumbersome as it didn’t provide enough room to get the 8×8 LED panels close together and when you add additional devices the library expects to see them to the left of the previous device.  No big deal for testing. I would like to wire up a board that all three could neatly mount on and present a nice 8×24 display.

Here is a video of the 8×16 display created by cascading two of the MAX7219 controllers together.

David Riewe

David Riewe

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