Understanding Data Types for variables

A data type in a programming language is a set of data with values having predefined characteristics. Examples of data types are: integer, floating point unit number, character, string, and pointer.

Arduino GPS Clock

I built the Arduino GPS Clock by Tony DiCola over at Adafruit. The clock was very cool, setting it’s time from the satellites, however, I soon started feeling like I was wasting my GPS shield by only using it to get time. So I decided to use the RGB LCD Shield which

Track A Car Using Tiny Arduino GPS with SD Card

This is a really cool project that was originally on Make as a GPS Cat Tracker. Michael James, at the Programming Electronics Academy, put together an excellent 10 minute video showing you how easy it is to do this project.

A great Arduino project book and site

I received a message on twitter asking if I knew how to test if a GSM Sim900 module was working.  I have not worked with that module hands on but did recall a great write up on it from a trusted source, John Boxall of http://tronixstuff.com. I learned of John through Arduinos site under Mannuals and Curriculum. His […]