Particle Photon – The Buddy System: Publish and Subscribe

This is a demonstration of the Photons publish and subscribe features. When the photon publishes an event to the cloud it makes that available to other devices that have subscribe to the event.  The other devices is not just limited to other photons but could also be internet connected smart phones ore web browsers.

A Simple LED Clock using Particle Photon

This is a simple LED clock I prototyped following Simon Monks post. I am using a Particle Photon, a couple 4.7k resistors and a 7 Seg Display with an Adafruit I2C backpack.

Syncing Oscilloscope To Interrupt Activity

Debugging interrupt service routines can be very tricky.  It’s not like you can print out variables to the serial port as you might when debugging code outside the interrupt.  One way you can can get some idea of what your code is doing in the ISR is to pulse one of the GPIO pins while […]

Adafruit Wave Shield

Here is a shield for Arduino that makes adding quality sound to your products easy. It can play up to 22KHz, 12bit uncompressed audio files of any length.

LCD Button Shield V2 for Arduino by Sparkfun

The LCD Button Shield from Sparkfun Electronics provides a 16×2 LCD screens along with a keypad consisting of 5 keys — select, up, right, down and left. With this shield you will be able to move through menus and make selections straight from one board attached to your Arduino without requiring a massive tower of shields.