Blaž Pongrac

A maker with almost 10 years of experience with Arduino programming and electronics and 2 years of experience with 3D printing (check out his Thingiverse profile. Blaž has a BSc from Automation and Robotics and is currently working on a MSc in the same field. Learn more about Blaž on Fiverr and Instructables. Also check Viki One, where he works as project manager.

Cameron Coward

Hello. My name is Cameron Coward. I'm a writer, maker, retrocomputing enthusiast, and former mechanical designer.

David Riewe

Electronics Tech with over 20 years of experience in the computer industry. I enjoy building micro-controlled projects, programming and web development

Frank Delporte

Author of Getting Started with Java on Raspberry Pi" which is for sale on Leanpub (ebook) and Elektor (paper book). Software developer/technical lead/writer with more than 20 years of experience in video, multimedia, technical project management, digital signage, and (web) programming. Since 2010 I work for Televic Rail in Izegem, Belgium.

My current work tools are Java/Git/Atlassian/IntelliJ IDEA/Visual Studio Code, but also use/used ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, Angular, SQL Server, Flex, CSS, HTML5, Eclipse, QT,…

I love to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and try to do this in everything I do.

Harold Pulcher

Harold Pulcher is a Microsoft MVP, co-ambassador for, developer, network engineer, magician, woodworker, and part time grease monkey. He has over 25 years of experience working in Information Technology. During that time he has done everything from running network cable, setting up various companies infrastructure from the absolute bare metal, and building line of business software for many of those companies. As passionate as he is about technology, you might happen to see him checking his air reserve while at a depth of 60 feet, cooking up a mean “free-range” fruit cake, doing pre-show table magic at the improv, or making a nice piece of wood into a lot of sawdust so my wife will have potting bench for her plants.

Kevin Sidwar

Software Guy with an EE Degree. Obsessed with teaching people about the Internet of Things. Check out his YouTube Channel and Follow Him on Twitter

Ron Dagdag

Microsoft MVP, Passionate to learn about IoT, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning. Lead Software Engineer / Fullstack 3d Developer / Tax Professional.

Scott Reesor

An electrical engineer with industrial experience ranging from electrical drives to PCB design. Designing PCB’s is not just a vocation but a very serious hobby that He really enjoys doing. Scott is always designing new boards as a way testing new circuits and ideals plus it provides him with a way of improving upon his skills as a designer. Not only does He design the PCB’s in Eagle Cad but He also fabricates the boards himself as a way of further testing the design. Scott has some great projects and tutorials in the work for our readers. Meanwhile, learn more about Scott on his fiverr page.